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January 20, 2022 Web Development 0 Comment

WordPress is often associated with creating a personal blog. However, it is one of the most efficient and widely used platforms for creating websites of all kinds. And with the help of a WooCommerce developer, you can create an excellent e-commerce site there.

There are a host of options to design an e-commerce site by WordPress Developer. We can think, for example, of Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace. Some offer advanced features while others remain simpler. However, Woocommerce manages to stand out from its competition for several reasons. Discover them in this post.

What is Woocommerce?

Your e-commerce store gets all the benefits of the most popular web design platform. It, therefore, differs from full-fledged online sales platforms like Wix or Squarespace.

To use Woocommerce, a WordPress user only needs to install the WooCommerce extension on their site. After that, he obtains access to all the basic functionalities of WooCommerce, completely free of charge.

The features that make WooCommerce a must-have

Like other ecommerce site-building solutions, Woocommerce aims to be a complete option. It thus offers a multitude of options to these users. The functions offered by Woocommerce are mostly free. However, the basic options offered by Woocommerce are relatively complete:

• Store inventory management

Like any good e-commerce site, you can manage your inventory from the WooCommerce interface. You can add individual products but also grouped ones and variants.

• Order delivery management

Woocommerce also offers a component that allows the seller to manage all aspects of customer orders. For example, you can offer several delivery options or even hide the costs until the customer enters an address.

• A secure transactional component

Supported by the technology of Automatic, the company that created WooCommerce, the transactional component of the site is completely secure. It makes it easier to inspire confidence in your customers when shopping on your e-commerce site.

• Several payment methods

From the outset, Woocommerce supports five different payment methods: bank transfer, check, credit card, cash on delivery, and PayPal. 

• Creating accounts for customers

On your ecommerce site, Woocommerce allows you to create an account section for your customers. These can then register, which can speed up the transaction time. In addition, offering the possibility of opening a customer account can build customer loyalty.

• Creation of reports and analyzes

Woocommerce also offers you a whole section dedicated to analysis. 

A WooCommerce developer can help you design a great ecommerce site.

Although Woocommerce is designed to be accessible to everyone, a WooCommerce developer can help you take advantage of all of its benefits.

However, a WooCommerce developer offers another major benefit. Therefore, it can recommend the best plugins for your site, or the best architecture, for example. You get the site you dream of and an optimized e-commerce site.

Conclusion: Several advantages make WooCommerce an essential option for creating an ecommerce site. First, Woocommerce is largely a completely free option. Although you must have a WordPress account to use it, it is much more affordable than some of its competitors.  WooCommerce extension is developed according to an Open Source model. It is, therefore, a completely transparent option. 

The interface of your website built in WooCommerce is extremely customizable. Thanks to it, it is thus easier than ever to build a site in the image of your company. You can even sell as many items as you want there, as Woocommerce does not limit this number.